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I miss this show.

I miss this show.

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Which Cartoon Network Shows do you like best of all? My has to be between Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls, and Courage. I missed the good old days. What’s yours?



What if… Disney made Doctor Who?

I’m meant to be writing an essay right now this is how I procrastinate 

i like that you’ve like gotten rid of his eyebrows 

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That awkward moment when you’re left hanging…

[Day 8 of 31 Day Korean Drama Challenge]

Day 8: Favorite secondary character

While my choice today isn’t exactly a ‘secondary character’ but a ‘secondary lead character’ that I feel could definitely be pointed out. Moon Jae Shin from Sungkyunkwan Scandal played by none other than the awesome Yoo Ah-in.

Moon Jae Shin was a very interesting character that had a lot of depth. At first I wasn’t at all impressed with him but I really fell hard for this character. He seemed like a loner with a bad attitude, the character that was all muscle and no brains at the beginning but you come to realize that he is in fact extremely wise and carries a lot of weight on his shoulders.

Not to mention that Moon Jae Shin was a complete bad-ass hottie with a killer smile, but he continued to impress as his back story was told. You get an inkling of why Moon Jae Shin is always seems to be off being a loner/a drunk.You realize that behind his tough guy facade is a really gentle guy who is trying to fill his brother’s shoes and last wishes.

With all of that being said, I really believe that Moon Jae Shin’s character  really helped develop all the other characters in the series. Especially Yoon Hee. It was obvious to the audience that Moon Jae Shin had feelings for Yoon Hee but he didn’t wear it out on his sleeve nor did he force it upon her. Instead he supported her, helped her grow, and even gave her the shove she needed to the man who was in her heart. I have to admit that this is one drama that I completely was disappointed that guy B didn’t get the girl because of guy A.

[Day 7 of 31 Korean Drama Challenge]

Story lines can seem extremely complicated but if you were to break it down and really take a look at it, it’s quite simple. You have a likeable or ‘Hero’ character trying to accomplish their goals and of course you’ll find your self with a unlikeable or ‘Villain’ character who do everything in their power to stop the ‘Hero’s’ goals from actually happening. Why is it necessary to have a villain character? BECAUSE EVERYTHING CAN’T ALWAYS BE RAINBOWS AND BUTTERFLIES!!! ha ha just kidding…but really, it’d be an extreme bore fest if the ‘Hero’ always got what they wanted without any trial and error. It allows character development.

Day 7: Who is your favorite male villain/antagonist?


Jo Gwan-woong from Gu Family Book was one of the most vicious and wicked characters that I have seen in a Korean Drama. Hell, he probably wrote the book on ‘Villain’s 101’.

Right from the start of the series, Jo Gwan-woong plotted evil evil things. He continued to manipulate and destroy through the series to the very end. Always getting to the way of the main characters and their happiness. His motto…

'If I can't have it, I'll steal it.

If I can’t steal it, I’ll destroy it.

That’s my way’


His villainous streak was sparked from greed, as we learn from the storyline. Jo Gwan-woong was a poor commoner who craved power and wealth, not caring what he had to do to obtain it. While he climbed his way up to a high ranked officer, he began to lust for a young woman, Yoon Seo-hwa, the daughter of a kind noblemen. After framing and murdering Seo-hwa’s father Jo Gwan-woong sold Seo-hwa to a gisang house, where he planned to be her first ‘customer’.

Man, I’m happy he got a big dose of Karma in the end. Such an evil guy.


every cat owner ever


every cat owner ever

Was she blind?

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